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Monday, November 28, 2011

Hex words and their colors

So awhile ago I was thnkign to myself, self if hex numbers are letters and numbers then there has to be some words that are real hex numbers that can represent colors. So there are some words that are made from the letters of the hex numbers. Apparently I wasnt unique in this question so I stood on the shoulders of other bloggers and took the word list from this post he used numbers and leet type speak but i wanted only true words so I culled out his list a little and here are

The seven hex words colors


  1. Assent or agree to a demand, request, or treaty.
  2. Assume an office or position.


  1. Decorate or cover with beads
    • - a beaded evening bag

  2. String (beads) together

    • Cover (a surface) with drops of moisture
      • - his face was beaded with perspiration


    (of rock) Deposited in layers or strata, esp. in a way specified.


    1. A period of ten years
      • - he taught at the university for nearly a decade

    2. A period of ten years beginning with a year ending in 0
      • - the fourth decade of the nineteenth century

    3. A set, series, or group of ten, in particular

      • Each of the five divisions of each chapter of the rosary


        1. Spoil the surface or appearance of (something), e.g., by drawing or writing on it
          • - he defaced library books

        2. Mar; disfigure
          • - the canyon's spectacular limestone walls have been defaced by the reservoir


        1. Erase (a mark) from a surface: "words effaced by frost and rain"; "his anger was effaced when he stepped into the open air".
        2. Make oneself appear insignificant or inconspicuous.


        1. The face of a building, esp. the principal front that looks onto a street or open space

          • An outward appearance that is maintained to conceal a less pleasant or creditable reality
            • - her flawless public facade masked private despair

          Do you think the colors remnd you of the words? I think it would br really cool if somebody did a layout with these words... hidden messages in CSS colors would also be something cool you could do. Ive thought about hiding ascii art in the source code before so iono. I also put the definitions of the words so you can have more context when your trying to decide if the colors match their definitions

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