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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Microsoft Choice Guard: a BHO for Search Engines

I wanted to do a quick rant on this thing i found when i was installing some Microsoft stuff... i found out theres this cool new software Microsoft is putting out to help us manage our default search provider

Microsoft Choice Guard

So from what i can tell it locks in the search engine and keeps other programs from changing it... now it really does piss me off whenever firefox or chrome start asking to change the default browser but default search engine? i mean cmon, what will it really be used for? keeping bing in its place when someone tries to change to something thats not Bing

Microsoft Choice Guard is a small piece of software that's downloaded during the Windows Live installation process to carry out any changes that you choose to make to your browser settings. If you choose to change your default search engine, Choice Guard looks for any programs on your computer that might interfere with this process and works around them to let you change your default search engine. Choice Guard does this to help ensure that choosing your default search engine is as easy as possible.
The copy from their help page is above... seems like i cool tool doesnt it? i mean who wouldnt install it? I think its crazy that microsoft would put out such a tool but hey they want to keep that .1% search share they bought from yahoo

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