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Sunday, April 4, 2010

HTML 4.0 Special Characters - My Symbol Cheat Sheet

I use these all the time and alyase end up looking them up... now we have a cheat sheet....
CharacterEntityDecimalHexRendering in Your Browser
Latin small f with hook=function=florinƒƒƒƒƒƒ
Greek capital letter alphaΑΑΑΑΑΑ
Greek capital letter betaΒΒΒΒΒΒ
Greek capital letter gammaΓΓΓΓΓΓ
Greek capital letter deltaΔΔΔΔΔΔ
Greek capital letter epsilonΕΕΕΕΕΕ
Greek capital letter zetaΖΖΖΖΖΖ
Greek capital letter etaΗΗΗΗΗΗ
Greek capital letter thetaΘΘΘΘΘΘ
Greek capital letter iotaΙΙΙΙΙΙ
Greek capital letter kappaΚΚΚΚΚΚ
Greek capital letter lambdaΛΛΛΛΛΛ
Greek capital letter muΜΜΜΜΜΜ
Greek capital letter nuΝΝΝΝΝΝ
Greek capital letter xiΞΞΞΞΞΞ
Greek capital letter omicronΟΟΟΟΟΟ
Greek capital letter piΠΠΠΠΠΠ
Greek capital letter rhoΡΡΡΡΡΡ
Greek capital letter sigmaΣΣΣΣΣΣ
Greek capital letter tauΤΤΤΤΤΤ
Greek capital letter upsilonΥΥΥΥΥΥ
Greek capital letter phiΦΦΦΦΦΦ
Greek capital letter chiΧΧΧΧΧΧ
Greek capital letter psiΨΨΨΨΨΨ
Greek capital letter omegaΩΩΩΩΩΩ
Greek small letter alphaαααααα
Greek small letter betaββββββ
Greek small letter gammaγγγγγγ
Greek small letter deltaδδδδδδ
Greek small letter epsilonεεεεεε
Greek small letter zetaζζζζζζ
Greek small letter etaηηηηηη
Greek small letter thetaθθθθθθ
Greek small letter iotaιιιιιι
Greek small letter kappaκκκκκκ
Greek small letter lambdaλλλλλλ
Greek small letter muμμμμμμ
Greek small letter nuνννννν
Greek small letter xiξξξξξξ
Greek small letter omicronοοοοοο
Greek small letter piππππππ
Greek small letter rhoρρρρρρ
Greek small letter final sigmaςςςςςς
Greek small letter sigmaσσσσσσ
Greek small letter tauττττττ
Greek small letter upsilonυυυυυυ
Greek small letter phiφφφφφφ
Greek small letter chiχχχχχχ
Greek small letter psiψψψψψψ
Greek small letter omegaωωωωωω
Greek small letter theta symbolϑϑϑϑϑϑ
Greek upsilon with hook symbolϒϒϒϒϒϒ
Greek pi symbolϖϖϖϖϖϖ
bullet=black small circle•••
horizontal ellipsis=three dot leader………
double prime=seconds=inches″″″
overline=spacing overscore‾‾‾
fraction slash⁄⁄⁄
script capital P=power set=Weierstrass p℘℘℘
blackletter capital I=imaginary partℑℑℑ
blackletter capital R=real part symbolℜℜℜ
trade mark sign™™™
alef symbol=first transfinite cardinalℵℵℵ
leftwards arrow←←←
upwards arrow↑↑↑
rightwards arrow→→→
downwards arrow↓↓↓
left right arrow↔↔↔
downwards arrow with corner leftwards=carriage return↵↵↵
leftwards double arrow⇐⇐⇐
upwards double arrow⇑⇑⇑
rightwards double arrow⇒⇒⇒
downwards double arrow⇓⇓⇓
left right double arrow⇔⇔⇔
for all∀∀∀
partial differential∂∂∂
there exists∃∃∃
empty set=null set=diameter∅∅∅
nabla=backward difference∇∇∇
element of∈∈∈
not an element of∉∉∉
contains as member∋∋∋
n-ary product=product sign∏∏∏
n-ary sumation∑∑∑
minus sign−−−
asterisk operator∗∗∗
square root=radical sign√√√
proportional to∝∝∝
logical and=wedge∧∧∧
logical or=vee∨∨∨
tilde operator=varies with=similar to∼∼∼
approximately equal to≅≅≅
almost equal to=asymptotic to≈≈≈
not equal to≠≠≠
identical to≡≡≡
less-than or equal to≤≤≤
greater-than or equal to≥≥≥
subset of⊂⊂⊂
superset of⊃⊃⊃
not a subset of⊄⊄⊄
subset of or equal to⊆⊆⊆
superset of or equal to⊇⊇⊇
circled plus=direct sum⊕⊕⊕
circled times=vector product⊗⊗⊗
up tack=orthogonal to=perpendicular⊥⊥⊥
dot operator⋅⋅⋅
left ceiling=APL upstile⌈⌈⌈
right ceiling⌉⌉⌉
left floor=APL downstile⌊⌊⌊
right floor⌋⌋⌋
left-pointing angle bracket=bra⟨〈〈
right-pointing angle bracket=ket⟩〉〉
black spade suit♠♠♠
black club suit=shamrock♣♣♣
black heart suit=valentine♥♥♥
black diamond suit♦♦♦
These entities are all new in HTML 4.0 and may not be supported by old browsers.Support in recent browsers is good.


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