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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Decoding Card Reader Audio

So gives you credit card merchant services on your phone... but the reader can read any magnetic stripe... when you swipe things like drivers licences or gift cards you can read data into the square program and show the last for digits of an id or something, but what else is on there? Thats where all you internet people come in... i need some engineers who are smarter than me to give me some guidance on how to decode the signal the card reader produces. Ive found some of what I think I need here on  "A Day in the Life of a Flux Reversal" using a free spectrum analyzer app im able to see positive and negative waves as I swipe the card that seem to be alot like the flux lines the guy talks about...

But I thought my life would be much easier with data so I got a bunch of old cards and swiped them a few times each, recording the output from the square dongle so i can have some samples to decode with some known data

  1. Texas-Trust-Mastercard-5105-9400-0109-1438.mp3
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  2. JCPenny-Gift-Card-6006492001928534134.mp3
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  3. HEB-Gift-Card-6006-49668-81060-07754.mp3
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  4. Dave-Busters-94937573.mp3
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  5. Carnival-Sign-Sail-05411183.mp3
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  6. AMC-Gift-Card-6006491324135697820.mp3
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These are all the cards i used and the id numbers I could find

So if anybody wants to help me build an open source app to decode the data off other cards with the square reader drop me a line im @cartercole

Also: based on what ive seen from this instructable called "Magnetic stripe card spoofer" with just a little tinkering you could play back these recordings into an electromagnet and drive the reader to spoof the data you recorded. I know.. like super cool spy toys :) I now take this time to remind you that neither or Carter Cole condone illegal activity and all information shared here is for curious who are people without malicious intent ( do you think that disclaimer protects me? )

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mint seems to have some security issues with email (also how to delete your account)

This whole thing started out with me getting a couple emails like the one above (and reproduced here) it was kinda weird because just the other day i had gotten a strange alert about some school lone I never had and now apparently im looking at a weekly update of someone with $184,559.95 in assets. Kind bad because with all these cool charts and graphs i had given them authorization to pull all the line items of my spending from my bank account. Was my information just floating around in someone else's email inbox? Well looking who the email was addresses to it all looks right and has my correct address so i just went ahead and went into the settings and confirmed the deletion of my account
looks something like above, I was getting tired of the service already... it never updated as frequently as I thought it should and I like to know where my data is going. The only thing I can think of is its some fake accounts and its done to increase traffic to the site as people check whats wrong... anyways its broke and im removing my name from the hat. It did say all my data would be deleted in a few hours, that gives me some peace of mind. Has anybody else seen this wierd behavior? What are your interactions with

oh and almost forgot... heres a screenshot of my emails from mint... the highlighted ones are from accounts that aren't mine and below that is the email about a deposit in a account i dont have after I had canceled my account a day earlier

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Microsoft Choice Guard: a BHO for Search Engines

I wanted to do a quick rant on this thing i found when i was installing some Microsoft stuff... i found out theres this cool new software Microsoft is putting out to help us manage our default search provider

Microsoft Choice Guard

So from what i can tell it locks in the search engine and keeps other programs from changing it... now it really does piss me off whenever firefox or chrome start asking to change the default browser but default search engine? i mean cmon, what will it really be used for? keeping bing in its place when someone tries to change to something thats not Bing

Microsoft Choice Guard is a small piece of software that's downloaded during the Windows Live installation process to carry out any changes that you choose to make to your browser settings. If you choose to change your default search engine, Choice Guard looks for any programs on your computer that might interfere with this process and works around them to let you change your default search engine. Choice Guard does this to help ensure that choosing your default search engine is as easy as possible.
The copy from their help page is above... seems like i cool tool doesnt it? i mean who wouldnt install it? I think its crazy that microsoft would put out such a tool but hey they want to keep that .1% search share they bought from yahoo

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This website turned out awesome

I really love the way this site came out... It runs its gallery from Picasca and allows the customer to change the pictures on the site from an easy to use web form. This type of dynamic stuff makes it possiable for me to do more projects because clients are able to manage their own sites and only call me when new functionality is required...

I also got a nice referral letter

I am the owner of Kaleidoscope-Studio. We needed a website that would convey to potential clients the full scope of our offerings. We wanted it to be simple to navigate, and easy to update.
I met with Carter Cole and explained my vision of what I needed. As an interior designer I thought I knew exactly “how” it would look and work and just needed someone to take my ideas and make them work. Carter did so much more than I would ever have expected. He listened to my ideas and what I liked and didn’t like of other websites I had used, and put all of the ideas together. He made the process very easy. My website is easy to navigate and clearly shows that it was done by a professional. He is very creative and so very technical. He tried to explain the technical details to me, but I have learned to just trust someone when it is obvious they are an expert in their field, and I believe Carter is that.
I am very fortunate to have met Carter and to have had him develop the very best website I have seen.

Judy Buchanan, ASID

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Zomg Google got self driving cars

Ill post more about it later but this is friggen crazy... this is where i make my point google is a service software company not a search company...

Saturday, October 2, 2010

How to make a simple lizard trap

So there are bunches of lizards by my office and they are all having tiny little babies so i wanted to catch them and relocate them to my apartment so they will eat bugs and have babies because after reading this i didnt think i wanted to try and keep them for any period of time

How to make a lizard trap

so here is the design for the lizard trap... you get a shoebox and cut a hole in the top... the lizards can climb but cant hold onto plastic wrap... you bait them with small crickets or nats and now you have your own little lizard trap

this is the video where we released the entire box and they all went running and jumping everywhere its like so crazy we were able to catch so many... send your video responses to youtube or your comments below

Thursday, September 9, 2010

This is a VERY simple way to understand the tax cuts for the "rich"

This is way old but with liberals trying for some class warfare against the "rich" people I think its a good little story i can point to try and explain how tax cuts work...
How Taxes Work . . .

This is a VERY simple way to understand the tax laws. Read on — it does make you think!!

Let's put tax cuts in terms everyone can understand. Suppose that every day, ten men go out for dinner. The bill for all ten comes to $100. If they paid their bill the way we pay our taxes, it would go something like this:

The first four men — the poorest — would pay nothing; the fifth would pay $1, the sixth would pay $3, the seventh $7, the eighth $12, the ninth $18, and the tenth man — the richest — would pay $59.

That's what they decided to do. The ten men ate dinner in the restaurant every day and seemed quite happy with the arrangement — until one day, the owner threw them a curve (in tax language a tax cut).

"Since you are all such good customers," he said, "I'm going to reduce the cost of your daily meal by $20." So now dinner for the ten only cost $80.00.

The group still wanted to pay their bill the way we pay our taxes. So the first four men were unaffected. They would still eat for free. But what about the other six — the paying customers? How could they divvy up the $20 windfall so that everyone would get his "fair share?"

The six men realized that $20 divided by six is $3.33. But if they subtracted that from everybody's share, then the fifth man and the sixth man would end up being PAID to eat their meal. So the restaurant owner suggested that it would be fair to reduce each man's bill by roughly the same amount, and he proceeded to work out the amounts each should pay.

And so the fifth man paid nothing, the sixth pitched in $2, the seventh paid $5, the eighth paid $9, the ninth paid $12, leaving the tenth man with a bill of $52 instead of his earlier $59. Each of the six was better off than before. And the first four continued to eat for free.

But once outside the restaurant, the men began to compare their savings. "I only got a dollar out of the $20," declared the sixth man who pointed to the tenth. "But he got $7!"

"Yeah, that's right," exclaimed the fifth man, "I only saved a dollar, too . . . It's unfair that he got seven times more than me!".

"That's true!" shouted the seventh man, "why should he get $7 back when I got only $2? The wealthy get all the breaks!"

"Wait a minute," yelled the first four men in unison, "We didn't get anything at all. The system exploits the poor!"

The nine men surrounded the tenth and beat him up. The next night he didn't show up for dinner, so the nine sat down and ate without him. But when it came time to pay the bill, they discovered, a little late what was very important. They were FIFTY-TWO DOLLARS short of paying the bill! Imagine that!

And that, boys and girls, journalists and college instructors, is how the tax system works. The people who pay the highest taxes get the most benefit from a tax reduction. Tax them too much, attack them for being wealthy, and they just may not show up at the table anymore.

Where would that leave the rest? Unfortunately, most taxing authorities anywhere cannot seem to grasp this rather straightforward logic!

T. Davies (discussed this but didnt write it)
Professor of Accounting & Chair,
Division of Accounting and Business Law
The University of South Dakota
School of Business
414 E. Clark Street
Vermillion, SD 57069
Phone: 605-677-5230
Fax: 605-677-5427

Saturday, August 21, 2010

My wife found a USPS Money Order fraud scheme...

So my wife answered a ad on craigslist for a nanny (she already takes care of one so she figures why not 1 more) so she answers this craigslist ad and answers something that looks promising and after answering calls and such she got this email


I am so sorry to be getting back to you so late. I am really very glad and confident about your acceptance to help look after my angel. She's is all I have got in the world and I always look for the best for her and right now I believe you are the best candidate.So, no doubt,this will be a very symbiotic relationship between you and me.
You shall be working under a very conducive environment and like I said earlier,you shall have no work to do except to look after her, make sure she takes her meal,make sure she uses her meds, she never over plays, make her laugh and feel warm around you. You shall be working around 5 other workers. John is my chauffeur, he is from Brazil. Debby and Flora are the 2 caretaker for the house, they do all the house cleaning. Marcus is the house Gardner while Mother Angela is the house chef,who prepares the meal for the house. I want you to know that there are 3 cars and 1 SUV in the house to take you people around and John will always answer to you anytime you call on him. I believe this is a perfect working condition for you.

Please I have attached Aaliyah's picture for you to get familiar with her face and I want you to know that you shall have the opportunity to meet with her soon when she will be coming with her former caregiver and the driver. I guess by then you both will have enough to discuss.

I want to believe you have been looking forward to the 31st of this month just like I have been looking forward to it and so is my little angel Aaliyah as well.. I will like you to know at this point that one of my accountants just informed me that he has mailed out 2 money order to you in the amount of $780 each and so it will be $1580 in total, which was mailed via UPS courier with the tracking number [1Z82V03X0199112580 ] and which from the last time I checked should have delivered to your address by 10 am your Thursday morning. I believe by 10 to 11 am thursday your time, you must have the check in your possession.

I am very sorry about our previous agreement to meet Aaliyah. I want you to know that Aaliyah has flown out of the state since Thursday due to her health issues which was such an impromptu one. She needed to meet with a specialist in Antioch, California and even right now as I email you, She is still there but will be back on the morning of the 31st of July..

Now, I believe one of the virtues of a successful employee is the ability to listen and adhere strictly to instructions which is why I will be giving you a series of instructions this moment which I want you to strictly adhere to.

In your possession is money order which is the amount of $1580 and it is so because like I told you I need to include money for eventualities that might crop up during the period of your stay with her. I had instructed my accountant to send that amount and to my surprise,I never even knew Aaliyah will be visiting any specialist.

Now I want you to do a few things. First I will like you to immediately after reading this email, you should run right away to your bank and get the money orders cashed and go to any Money Gram outlet closest to you using the information below;

Name: PAtricia Inez Singh
Address: 3311 gentry town drive
City: Antioch
Zip code: 94509

You will deduct part of your salary($500) from the $1580, and send $1000 to the specialist because you shall be needing some simple Health Aid kits for Aaliyah which the specialist recommended and already told me about. You need to do this very fast this morning so the kit can be shipped over to your address. You can go through the simple things,read through it and understand easily how to handle it.Immediately you are done doing that this morning I want you to have 1,000 usd sent via Money gram. I want you to make sure you have the 1,000 sent within now and the next 24 hours so that Aaliyah might be quickly discharged and can come home to meet you.. I want you to keep the remainder of the 80usd with you while you come to meet Aaliyah at home. That money should be with you in case any other thing crops up and if eventually nothing happens,you can use that as a payment bonus for yourself.

I am sure I have not yet communicated our location to you but from your possible guess, I believe you should know it is within a few mile radius from where you are(63 Saint Stephens School Rd, Austin TX). I want you to know that Aaliyah and I live in Austin. I want you to know that I have already arranged with the driver to come pick you from home on that 31st and also get to drop you. Now you need to mail me as well with the convenient place and time when you want the driver to come pick you everyday,whatever place and time you decide will be fully taken down by the driver.He will always be at your service and anytime you need to go out with Aaliyah to play or do anything, he shall always be there to take you people out. I want to believe this is very comfortable for you and will ensure you spend no dime on transportation or anything else..

Now, I believe you have read carefully what I have instructed you to do. So, go right now and have the check cashed at your bank and send me the details of transfer which should include Sender's full name, receiver's full names, 8 digit confirmation code(Reference Numbers) and also the amount sent. I will because of you come back here online 9pm(GMT) UK time to check for the details of the transfer so I can have it immediately sent over to the specialist's email and then those things can be bought and sent over to you. I also want you to email me all necessary details of transfer for the 1,000 which I believe you know you will be sending to the same person.That I believe I will come back tomorrow morning to check and have emailed to the specialist so Aaliyah can be discharged as quickly as possible.

Thank you so much for your patience,your time,your anticipated honesty and most especially,the love you have for my angel Aaliyah. I am very grateful and shall never forget.I will be back by 9pm today my time to check my email for the details I require of you.

Bye and have a great day,


You can see up above that they are pretty convincing... i was hoping they were real but after she checked a few places we found they were fakes, they used watermarks but it was the one for a dollar not the postal money order. The security strip is painted on and off in a dash not woven into the paper but there is some microprinting that looks pretty good...

My question is when it took her just a few min to find this why are there cops on facebook pretending to be 13yr olds trying to catch kids drinking when there are such bigger better scams to be going after

Friday, August 6, 2010

Looks like Twitter is now giving out suggestions of users to follow

UPDATE: Twitter announced it last week

so looks like this was released on twitter blog a week ago but im just now seeing it. What do people think? are there users who you actually ended up following? It may help to show the last 5 tweets for a user in suggestions list so you can see the type of messages they create

Original Post

So im not sure if its a beta or twitter has already rolled it out everywhere but it seems like they are now including suggestions in the sidebar. See my screenshots below

it looks alot like Facebook's suggestions but when you click it tells you a bit more and i was able to start to infer what is driving these recommendations.
you can see it has the "followed by" and then names of people you are already following, I guess the ideas is that if multiple friends are following someone then you are likely to find that person interesting aswell... is anyone else seeing this test going on? talk to me in the comments or on @cartercole

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Artificial Political Opposition bought on Amazon's Mechanical Turk

Artificial Political Opposition
Ive had my research assistant (wife) working on mechanical turk for the past few days after she wanted some easy tasks to make money online... I have heard about the system and how it can be used as a great tool for repetitive tasks or data entry. I looked through a few of the HITs and quickly saw there was abuse... people are asked to "clear cookies" before "testing lead form" or "enter real info to test a cred app form". its obvious that these accounts are cheating other affiliate programs but i saw a very interesting one just now. Here is an excerpt from the instructions
3. Say, "Hi, I am calling to oppose bill S6873. My New York zip code is 10003. Thank you"
They are paying for political opposition to the bill S6873 in New York which has to do with sub-leasing apartments and affects hotel rentals. You can specify different qualifications (like location) and yet the creator choose not to care about who or where they were from...

Heres the copy I made of the job unless it disappears and screenshot of the active job

Im always surprised when i see these kind of blatant attacks on the internet... and im really wonder if it works or if they have already caught on to the strange volume of calls with the exact same script... reminds me allot of money mules who help the hackers get the money out of people's accounts but most dont care because they are getting a cut themselves

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I knew an open source CMS was a bad idea for

I like playing with security... its fun to break things (of my own or with permission) and its what makes security work. If we never tried to break the design and assumed security then the less moral of us would and they would find our code easy pickings. XSS is one of my personal favorites because they are everywhere, usually easy to find, and can be super nasty (sammy is my hero)

So when i heard that Obama was going to make the WHITEHOUSE.GOV website a Drupal site i thought it was quite dumb... i mean its the whitehouse... you need a friggen CMS? hell waste some money on an old fashion webmaster and have it all flat html (i just think that a defaced homepage for america would totally suck) with the code for the site open source I instantly now know about most of the code that runs on and i can do my own pen testing before i even try on the domain. I wasnt alone in this makes these same exact points... and i commented on it

flash forward 211 days

what happens across my RSS feed? do my eyes decieve me? zomg its an article describing how Drupal is redefining its policy to clarify it only supports security on STABLE releases
The clarifications are a response to the discovery of a potentially serious XSS hole in the Drupal Context module three weeks after White House developers proudly released their own plug-in based on the buggy module.
- from The Register

i hate being right

now i haven't looked at the XSS hole myself yet but they said it was in the administrative console (they say that makes it limited i think that now i can steal the admin auth cookies) even if they caught it in time this is the exact issue i was warning about. am I crazy? what do you think? id love to spark off a good discussion on it :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Do your social media duty and share what you like! this is totally cool...

This video was freaking awesome and it shows the whole start... but i wanted to skip that so heres some extra... to start the youtube video at a certain place you just need to add &start=58 and for autoplay &autoplay=1 to make it auto start...
heres a sample of the code below... im really liking Americas Got Talent and this is ony one of the super cool acts

if your really bored you can go look at my cool share chart and get your own and later fools! lolz :)

I rule teh interwebz

Friday, June 4, 2010

Another Facebook Privacy Issue... those leaking emails again not their fault


Matt Cutts did his own little debunk here

Original Post

earlier i wrote a post in which I explained "Facebook divulging your identity to advertisers" and again now poor Facebook has another one. This one stems from Google loving Facebook too much... well its kinda like that.They were indexing pages that have no value but have email addresses displayed on them, when you enter your password and it scans your email account address book you choose to have Facebook send them an email on your behalf. now some people may want nothing to do with Facebook and they consider the message spam. So to provide a good experience for these people they give them an opt out link (thanks i really hate those emails) because this is sent to an email address it really should never become public, unless someone intentionally releases it. Here on hacker news a Facebook employee unofficially points out one of the pages that was leaking information (they have removed the address now i think its useful to make sure im removing the right address) but this links should have never been found and crawled... how did they find it? because it was publicly published oh now I get it... Yes Facebook could have done <meta name="robots" content="noindex"> but like other issue its small... quick fix... and those pages even seem to be gone from index already so again we have a minor data leak caused by user themselves that probably never could have been thought of. we dont just sit around and go oh i know some weirdo has no privacy anyways and will post the link publicly spiders will crawl and then people will be able to pull emails out of the search engines index oh noes! im mean we are nerd but we aren't psychic welcome to the digital world. Stay off the interwebz if you dont like it

just my opinion

the infamous

- Carter Cole

leave me your comments id love to agree or disagree with you :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

My super funny Iron Man II Comic

so i have had this ideas for a strip in my head ever since i saw Iron Man 2... i thought it was pretty funny but then today after a certain video started going viral i knew i had to make it :)

Created with Pixton it was totally awesome editor i may actually start an ongoing strip after i found it. i want to know what you think so leave me comments!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Breakdown of how the Facebook advertiser privacy breach works

Lets say your spending thousands of dollars on advertising by doing a PPC campaign and people are clicking those links... and when they hit your server your browser passes the page your asking for (URI) and the HTTP REFERRER which is sent by your browser about where you came from (you cant even trust these they are trivial to spoof) heres the image from the wsj you see how it identifies you? its because they dont scrub referrer and it has a ref=profile that means it only tells them when your on your own profile page and click on an add. They probably never thought of it... its in the HTTP protocol that all browsers and websites use and is mostly an afterthought used as a lax security measure. If they did they were like well some may abuse it but for the majority its helpful... why? because they dont care about you as a person they are running aggregate stats to help improve user experience and help provide you with better product. like seriously is there any proof that someone has had their name found and gotten a sales call from it? im all for privacy and control of my online life but this isn't a huge risk... close the hole and move on. i just hope all the referrer data from Facebook doesn't end completely and im not able to track visits to my blog from my Facebook fan page... (isn't that what it was for track community and drive traffic)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Endangered Species Condoms are here!

So i saw this ad the other day and signed up... its been a couple weeks and now my free condoms are here! i got like 40 boxes... they say all kinds of funny things like "Hump smarter... save the snail darter", "Wear a jimmy hat... save the big cat" or "cover your tweedle... save the burying beetle".

so if you want your own

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Eat Fresh... for breakfast? A review of Subways new morning menu

I was a Blimpie fan... i hated the way that Subway cut their sandwiches, i mean what the hell why would i want a trench dug out of my bread instead of just cutting it in half like the rest of the world. That changed and Subway got better for me... then they released the $5 footlong and their now famous "eat fresh", which btw is what my son screams whenever we pass one "daddy daddy eat fresh" but now after the King has stolen McDonald's egg sandwich for a dollar Subway with its thousands of locations thinks its loosing money by not offering breakfast and is trying its had at the morning meal.

i decided to try it (hey they did enough advertising ill give it a shot and see if they pass snuff...) i walked over to my office park subway and its empty, which is a change because at lunch that place has a line out the door from 11:50 to 1:20. apparently nobody else got the word so i take a look at my choices and decide on a flat bread double bacon and egg toasted thing (see picture below) its kinda cool because they try and make it like a build your own breakfast but theres really only a couple  things that go with an egg, bacon and cheese sandwich... so i also got the green peppers and onions. the english muffin version is like 2$ but its too small... it was decent but not that impressive, i may go back and try something else but theres not much of a choice (beef or ham something like that) but thats my useless post for the day :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

HTML 4.0 Special Characters - My Symbol Cheat Sheet

I use these all the time and alyase end up looking them up... now we have a cheat sheet....
CharacterEntityDecimalHexRendering in Your Browser
Latin small f with hook=function=florin&fnof;&#402;&#x192;ƒƒƒ
Greek capital letter alpha&Alpha;&#913;&#x391;ΑΑΑ
Greek capital letter beta&Beta;&#914;&#x392;ΒΒΒ
Greek capital letter gamma&Gamma;&#915;&#x393;ΓΓΓ
Greek capital letter delta&Delta;&#916;&#x394;ΔΔΔ
Greek capital letter epsilon&Epsilon;&#917;&#x395;ΕΕΕ
Greek capital letter zeta&Zeta;&#918;&#x396;ΖΖΖ
Greek capital letter eta&Eta;&#919;&#x397;ΗΗΗ
Greek capital letter theta&Theta;&#920;&#x398;ΘΘΘ
Greek capital letter iota&Iota;&#921;&#x399;ΙΙΙ
Greek capital letter kappa&Kappa;&#922;&#x39A;ΚΚΚ
Greek capital letter lambda&Lambda;&#923;&#x39B;ΛΛΛ
Greek capital letter mu&Mu;&#924;&#x39C;ΜΜΜ
Greek capital letter nu&Nu;&#925;&#x39D;ΝΝΝ
Greek capital letter xi&Xi;&#926;&#x39E;ΞΞΞ
Greek capital letter omicron&Omicron;&#927;&#x39F;ΟΟΟ
Greek capital letter pi&Pi;&#928;&#x3A0;ΠΠΠ
Greek capital letter rho&Rho;&#929;&#x3A1;ΡΡΡ
Greek capital letter sigma&Sigma;&#931;&#x3A3;ΣΣΣ
Greek capital letter tau&Tau;&#932;&#x3A4;ΤΤΤ
Greek capital letter upsilon&Upsilon;&#933;&#x3A5;ΥΥΥ
Greek capital letter phi&Phi;&#934;&#x3A6;ΦΦΦ
Greek capital letter chi&Chi;&#935;&#x3A7;ΧΧΧ
Greek capital letter psi&Psi;&#936;&#x3A8;ΨΨΨ
Greek capital letter omega&Omega;&#937;&#x3A9;ΩΩΩ
Greek small letter alpha&alpha;&#945;&#x3B1;ααα
Greek small letter beta&beta;&#946;&#x3B2;βββ
Greek small letter gamma&gamma;&#947;&#x3B3;γγγ
Greek small letter delta&delta;&#948;&#x3B4;δδδ
Greek small letter epsilon&epsilon;&#949;&#x3B5;εεε
Greek small letter zeta&zeta;&#950;&#x3B6;ζζζ
Greek small letter eta&eta;&#951;&#x3B7;ηηη
Greek small letter theta&theta;&#952;&#x3B8;θθθ
Greek small letter iota&iota;&#953;&#x3B9;ιιι
Greek small letter kappa&kappa;&#954;&#x3BA;κκκ
Greek small letter lambda&lambda;&#955;&#x3BB;λλλ
Greek small letter mu&mu;&#956;&#x3BC;μμμ
Greek small letter nu&nu;&#957;&#x3BD;ννν
Greek small letter xi&xi;&#958;&#x3BE;ξξξ
Greek small letter omicron&omicron;&#959;&#x3BF;οοο
Greek small letter pi&pi;&#960;&#x3C0;πππ
Greek small letter rho&rho;&#961;&#x3C1;ρρρ
Greek small letter final sigma&sigmaf;&#962;&#x3C2;ςςς
Greek small letter sigma&sigma;&#963;&#x3C3;σσσ
Greek small letter tau&tau;&#964;&#x3C4;τττ
Greek small letter upsilon&upsilon;&#965;&#x3C5;υυυ
Greek small letter phi&phi;&#966;&#x3C6;φφφ
Greek small letter chi&chi;&#967;&#x3C7;χχχ
Greek small letter psi&psi;&#968;&#x3C8;ψψψ
Greek small letter omega&omega;&#969;&#x3C9;ωωω
Greek small letter theta symbol&thetasym;&#977;&#x3D1;ϑϑϑ
Greek upsilon with hook symbol&upsih;&#978;&#x3D2;ϒϒϒ
Greek pi symbol&piv;&#982;&#x3D6;ϖϖϖ
bullet=black small circle&bull;&#8226;&#x2022;
horizontal ellipsis=three dot leader&hellip;&#8230;&#x2026;
double prime=seconds=inches&Prime;&#8243;&#x2033;
overline=spacing overscore&oline;&#8254;&#x203E;
fraction slash&frasl;&#8260;&#x2044;
script capital P=power set=Weierstrass p&weierp;&#8472;&#x2118;
blackletter capital I=imaginary part&image;&#8465;&#x2111;
blackletter capital R=real part symbol&real;&#8476;&#x211C;
trade mark sign&trade;&#8482;&#x2122;
alef symbol=first transfinite cardinal&alefsym;&#8501;&#x2135;
leftwards arrow&larr;&#8592;&#x2190;
upwards arrow&uarr;&#8593;&#x2191;
rightwards arrow&rarr;&#8594;&#x2192;
downwards arrow&darr;&#8595;&#x2193;
left right arrow&harr;&#8596;&#x2194;
downwards arrow with corner leftwards=carriage return&crarr;&#8629;&#x21B5;
leftwards double arrow&lArr;&#8656;&#x21D0;
upwards double arrow&uArr;&#8657;&#x21D1;
rightwards double arrow&rArr;&#8658;&#x21D2;
downwards double arrow&dArr;&#8659;&#x21D3;
left right double arrow&hArr;&#8660;&#x21D4;
for all&forall;&#8704;&#x2200;
partial differential&part;&#8706;&#x2202;
there exists&exist;&#8707;&#x2203;
empty set=null set=diameter&empty;&#8709;&#x2205;
nabla=backward difference&nabla;&#8711;&#x2207;
element of&isin;&#8712;&#x2208;
not an element of&notin;&#8713;&#x2209;
contains as member&ni;&#8715;&#x220B;
n-ary product=product sign&prod;&#8719;&#x220F;
n-ary sumation&sum;&#8721;&#x2211;
minus sign&minus;&#8722;&#x2212;
asterisk operator&lowast;&#8727;&#x2217;
square root=radical sign&radic;&#8730;&#x221A;
proportional to&prop;&#8733;&#x221D;
logical and=wedge&and;&#8743;&#x2227;
logical or=vee&or;&#8744;&#x2228;
tilde operator=varies with=similar to&sim;&#8764;&#x223C;
approximately equal to&cong;&#8773;&#x2245;
almost equal to=asymptotic to&asymp;&#8776;&#x2248;
not equal to&ne;&#8800;&#x2260;
identical to&equiv;&#8801;&#x2261;
less-than or equal to&le;&#8804;&#x2264;
greater-than or equal to&ge;&#8805;&#x2265;
subset of&sub;&#8834;&#x2282;
superset of&sup;&#8835;&#x2283;
not a subset of&nsub;&#8836;&#x2284;
subset of or equal to&sube;&#8838;&#x2286;
superset of or equal to&supe;&#8839;&#x2287;
circled plus=direct sum&oplus;&#8853;&#x2295;
circled times=vector product&otimes;&#8855;&#x2297;
up tack=orthogonal to=perpendicular&perp;&#8869;&#x22A5;
dot operator&sdot;&#8901;&#x22C5;
left ceiling=APL upstile&lceil;&#8968;&#x2308;
right ceiling&rceil;&#8969;&#x2309;
left floor=APL downstile&lfloor;&#8970;&#x230A;
right floor&rfloor;&#8971;&#x230B;
left-pointing angle bracket=bra&lang;&#9001;&#x2329;
right-pointing angle bracket=ket&rang;&#9002;&#x232A;
black spade suit&spades;&#9824;&#x2660;
black club suit=shamrock&clubs;&#9827;&#x2663;
black heart suit=valentine&hearts;&#9829;&#x2665;
black diamond suit&diams;&#9830;&#x2666;
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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wordle - way cool word clouds that look really pretty in posts

I really like this tool it creates cool word graphics from RSS feeds or a word list whatever and has a bunch of options and fonts... i created this one based off the text from all my blog posts in 2009 (it broke trying to pull all of them)

you should go try it out and create your own... post links in comments i want to see them :)

thats it theres my personal post for the month... im workign on creating new content for all my sites but with custody of my son (awesome thats now handled) and my upcoming wedding i have a bunch on my plate... not to mention the like 9 open projects i have at work ugh!

Thursday, March 4, 2010 Social Media Policy

This policy governs the publication of and commentary on social media by employees of and its related companies (""). For the purposes of this policy, social media means any facility for online publication and commentary, including without limitation blogs, wiki's, social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, flickr, and YouTube. This policy is in addition to and complements any existing or future policies regarding the use of technology, computers, e-mail and the internet. employees are free to publish or comment via social media in accordance with this policy. employees are subject to this policy to the extent they identify themselves as a employee (other than as an incidental mention of place of employment in a personal blog on topics unrelated to

Publication and commentary on social media carries similar obligations to any other kind of publication or commentary.

All uses of social media must follow the same ethical standards that employees must otherwise follow.

Setting up Social Media
Assistance in setting up social media accounts and their settings can be obtained from Carter.

Social media identities, logon ID's and user names may not use's name without prior approval from Carter.

Don't Tell Secrets
It's perfectly acceptable to talk about your work and have a dialog with the community, but it's not okay to publish confidential information. Confidential information includes things such as unpublished details about our software, details of current projects, future product ship dates, financial information, research, and trade secrets. We must respect the wishes of our corporate customers regarding the confidentiality of current projects. We must also be mindful of the competitiveness of our industry.

Protect your own privacy
Privacy settings on social media platforms should be set to allow anyone to see profile information similar to what would be on the website. Other privacy settings that might allow others to post information or see information that is personal should be set to limit access. Be mindful of posting information that you would not want the public to see.

Be Honest
Do not blog anonymously, using pseudonyms or false screen names. We believe in transparency and honesty. Use your real name, be clear who you are, and identify that you work for Nothing gains you notice in social media more than honesty - or dishonesty. Do not say anything that is dishonest, untrue, or misleading. If you have a vested interest in something you are discussing, point it out. But also be smart about protecting yourself and your privacy. What you publish will be around for a long time, so consider the content carefully and also be cautious about disclosing personal details.

Respect copyright laws
It is critical that you show proper respect for the laws governing copyright and fair use or fair dealing of copyrighted material owned by others, including own copyrights and brands. You should never quote more than short excerpts of someone else's work, and always attribute such work to the original author/source. It is good general practice to link to others' work rather than reproduce it.

Respect your audience,, and your coworkers
The public in general, and's employees and customers, reflect a diverse set of customs, values and points of view. Don't say anything contradictory or in conflict with the website. Don't be afraid to be yourself, but do so respectfully. This includes not only the obvious (no ethnic slurs, offensive comments, defamatory comments, personal insults, obscenity, etc.) but also proper consideration of privacy and of topics that may be considered objectionable or inflammatory - such as politics and religion. Use your best judgment and be sure to make it clear that the views and opinions expressed are yours alone and do not represent the official views of

Protect customers, business partners and suppliers
Customers, partners or suppliers should not be cited or obviously referenced without their approval. Never identify a customer, partner or supplier by name without permission and never discuss confidential details of a customer engagement. It is acceptable to discuss general details about kinds of projects and to use non-identifying pseudonyms for a customer (e.g., Customer 123) so long as the information provided does not violate any non-disclosure agreements that may be in place with the customer or make it easy for someone to identify the customer. Your blog is not the place to "conduct business" with a customer.

Controversial Issues
If you see misrepresentations made about in the media, you may point that out. Always do so with respect and with the facts. If you speak about others, make sure what you say is factual and that it does not disparage that party. Avoid arguments. Brawls may earn traffic, but nobody wins in the end. Don't try to settle scores or goad competitors or others into inflammatory debates. Make sure what you are saying is factually correct.

Be the first to respond to your own mistakes
If you make an error, be up front about your mistake and correct it quickly. If you choose to modify an earlier post, make it clear that you have done so. If someone accuses you of posting something improper (such as their copyrighted material or a defamatory comment about them), deal with it quickly - better to remove it immediately to lessen the possibility of a legal action.

Think About Consequences
For example, consider what might happen if a employee is in a meeting with a customer or prospect, and someone on the customer's side pulls out a print-out of your blog and says "This person at says that product sucks."

Saying "Product X needs to have an easier learning curve for the first-time user" is fine; saying "Product X sucks" is risky, unsubtle and amateurish.

Once again, it's all about judgment: using your blog to trash or embarrass, our customers, or your co-workers, is dangerous and ill-advised.

Many social media users include a prominant disclaimer saying who they work for, but that they're not speaking officially. This is good practice and is encouraged, but don't count on it to avoid trouble - it may not have much legal effect.

Wherever practical, you must use a disclaimer saying that while you work for, anything you publish is your personal opinion, and not necessarily the opinions of

Carter can provide you with applicable disclaimer language and assist with determining where and how to use that.

Don't forget your day job.
Make sure that blogging does not interfere with your job or commitments to customers.

Social Media Tips
The following tips are not mandatory, but will contribute to successful use of social media.

The best way to be interesting, stay out of trouble, and have fun is to write about what you know. There is a good chance of being embarrassed by a real expert, or of being boring if you write about topics you are not knowledgeable about.

Quality matters. Use a spell-checker. If you're not design-oriented, ask someone who is whether your blog looks decent, and take their advice on how to improve it.

The speed of being able to publish your thoughts is both a great feature and a great downfall of social media. The time to edit or reflect must be self-imposed. If in doubt over a post, or if something does not feel right, either let it sit and look at it again before publishing it, or ask someone else to look at it first.

Policy violations will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination for cause.

Built with Social Media policy Tool

Wednesday, February 10, 2010 Free Monitoring and Social Uptime Graph

Uptime for Last 30 days Response time for Last 30 days
a while ago i started using Pingdom to monitor my server's stability... they give you one free account and it has a bunch of way cool features. you can tell it the interval ot check the site (and not just with HTTP Gets) and it will send you SMS when your site goes up and down. i really like the service and will probably start offering it to my clients so i can monitor their onsite hosting or if they chose not to host on our server... whats even cooler is now they have these cool graphs that you can share of your uptime and response time so i created this page so i would have a place ot jump to and see my server's stats (and to tell all you nice people about the great service)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Carter Cole is a hero in Sweden

Watch the video

earlier i did one of these where i was a guru of social marketing and viral linkbait and heres my next one... im a hero :) watch mine and make your own

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010

Picture A Day of Carter Cole

not sure who was seen this video but its way cool... the guy takes a pic of himself every day for 6 years. very cool you can see him like growing old but im lazy and theres no way i could rember thats where this way cool site comes in. They will email me reminders and have a cool flash thing to take the pictures... they also implemented these things called landmarks which let you place markers on the images so you can make them line up properly from day to day. Im really excited about mine... just goes to prove that if you wait long enough you wont have to program anything :)