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Thursday, November 5, 2009

tricks and tips for monopoly city streets | embeddable badge and special toolkit

oh noez! i logged in and saw this message today...

the monoply agme is ending :(

so it looks like the game will be ending so use these tools while you can...

original post:

so ive been playing monopoly city streets [read my first post here] and its quite a strange game if you start to do well at all then you are targeted for tons of hazards an it makes it hard to play the game. it feels like they are forcing turnover of streets in the game but i understand its required to keep it moving and growing. but when the game first cam out the was lots of cheating and hacking going on in the game but hasbro has cleaned up alot of it so its pretty cool now but ive always been slow building and navigating the game so... i decided to make some tools for the game. the first thing i did was fire up wireshark and watch all the http traffic for the game then built a proxy fro the json calls and whala my very own dashboard for managing monoply city streets but it was still hard to build and i was having some trouble getting build locations and constructing them so ive turned to the monopoly city streets clan they have this great toolkit that gets injected into the page running the city streets game.
See the demo video below

to use the tools you just need this link you can right click and copy it then paste it in address bar while in game (my preference) or you can do the bookmark thing and add link to your favorites (detailed favorite method explained)

and they have a new database of a bunch of the streets
and im making my own but here is an img badge that you can use...

heres how you generate your own...

and the last thing i want to leave you with is a Pro Tools section of a monoply streets forum

their form manager allows you to query all the json apis of city streets and see the results

ill be releasing my dashboard and embeddable HTML badge soon so keep checking back

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