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Monday, October 12, 2009

google wave invites for my friends

edit: Ive got some invites! friends first still but there are 11 left... first come first serve

so there will be a post on my main technology blog about what i learn / figgure out for wave but i finally got my invite! woohoo i have no idea if it had to do with me begging Google for an invite but i need friends to use wave with me (to use it for its whole point collaboration). so if you know me and want an invite please leave some part of your info so i will have it below. i guess if others who want invites give enough of a sob story i will pass deal with that too but friends will receive priority so start the fighting

Edit (Sorry for the false alarm): now i have some!

Google wave invites wont be going to new invitees you should go to the sign up

you would probably be best checking the links i have listed here that has all the invite pages

google wave

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