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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Google Voice | voicemail with your existing number

im going to brag a little here this page doesnt get many views but it has been way cool to have gvoice as my default voicemail but... i wanted to share how cool google is because i also was one of the lucky ones to get the free Google voice business cards

this was the icon you had to sign on at the right time to see and then they sent you the cards...

read the rest of the article if you like it was way easy to set up and it works great!

i was reading the Google Voice Blog post about using Google Voice with your existing number so i thought id make a quick blurb about what it means and how easy it was to do(at least with verizon) Basically it allows you to use your google voice number for your existing numbers voicemail(so its not full gvoice on your cell).

heres the article about how to set it up but

it was really easy to setup it only took 2 steps


first you select your carrier...



then you type it in your phone and it send...

and your done!its that easy. some thing to note... you should make sure your voicemails are all cleared because if you dont then when you try and dial your voicemail(*86 on verizon) it will ring your google voice number and you wont be able to clear the voicmail message from your phone

you may also be interested in my post about the google voice invites i have


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