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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

NYTimes promotes personal gripes without ability for commentary

This is crazy... the frame busting code on breaks the ability to share sidewiki comments... so articles without comments (like the one i comment on below) cant be argued against. Thats why i published this gripe out here but commentary should always be allowed i would love the author or anyone else to talk with me about this...

in reference to:

I’m an SEO guy so I’m always thinking about how Google ranks things by relevance and importance and there are a couple things you need to pay attention to in this article…
“For three years, my company’s vertical search and price-comparison site, Foundem, was effectively “disappeared” from the Internet in this way.”
“Adam Raff is a co-founder of Foundem, an Internet technology firm”

These two quotes make me believe that this is just another bitch from a website owner that doesn’t understand how or why Google penalizes sites but I will still run through the points he made and explain why Google has that behavior

If you use webmaster tools Google will tell you about imposed penalties and allow you to ask for reconsideration… the only reason Google doesn’t tell you if you are trying to game the results in an unfair way and giving you the information would allow you to manipulate the results more effectively. Google’s battle cry is “Don’t be evil” so the fact that they impose penalties is only to improve the quality of the results and help users experience. In fact Yahoo has the ability to promote some results to the top of the SERPS editorially (rather than through an algorithm) basically overriding their ranking system… Google doesn’t have this ability at all they can only impose penalties for spammy or unfair practices… The reason Google sites rank so well for their industries is not because they are put there but because they are doing users a great service and therefore they have massive linking profiles and tons of high quality links.

Now lets take on his point about “universal search”. Universal search helps the user experience… rather than punting users to another website of questionable trust and content they show you the best results right on the search page, effectively saving you a click. Bing does the same thing they show you the results that are relevant from a trusted source rather than sending you off to somewhere else of questionable value. Vertical search helps the user therefore Google implements the practice

And then there is a bitch about Tom Tom stock dropping… sorry that Google does so many things well and is kicking ass but if they have a better product it is totally fair that they put it out for users. Just because some other company is already doing something doesn’t mean that you cut all the other competition… are we going to stop Bing from truing their hand at overthrowing Google because Google already does so well?
Then he tries to bring in the FCC saying that we need “neutrality” just like we have the net neutrality fight going on right now… sorry they are a company providing a free service and they are trying to help the users not hurt them. Just because you company was hurt because they didn’t understand SEO and were probably engaging in unfair practices and breaking Google’s TOS

This is just another bitch session from a guy who doesn’t understand SEO and is complaining because he couldn’t figure out how to not be evil…

Im not affiliated with Google in any way (although id love to be they are a great company)… psst Google give me a job :)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

i am an evil genius | lost... found... and beaten

so i lost the evil genius game and then found it again and i just wanted to comment how awesome it is... i heard its way cheap (like $2.50) on steam. i have a bunch of cool screen shots of the game i took and me launching my doomsday device but for some reason the api key flicker gave me is dead

Friday, December 18, 2009

Im a geek aparently... and i love to share... online anyways :)

Im a geek so this way cool geek chart is kinda cool to me... i had to turn off my twitter updates because it was overloading with like 90%... ok i wasted some more time on stumbleupon and digg labs so im a little more rounded in my chart now... says something about my volume of tweets but i encourage everyone to go put in their social profiles and get their own chart...

To get your own go here...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

the flying trash project

this is the flying trash project... we had some extra helium so we made 4 trashbag balloons tied some messages to them and let them on their way... ill be posting the results here as they come in so check back and hopefully someone will find the messages


no results yet...


no results yet...


no results yet...


no results yet...

Monday, November 23, 2009

bring it on stalkers... now you can know where i am at all times! playing with Google latitude

I already have a bunch of automatic tweets set up and such so i dont really feel like my privacy is being violated when im using google latitude . there are cool services that i can set up to alert me when im near friends and most of the time im just home so its really not a big deal to show my location on a map (at least for me). these kind of constant updating services are really cool i believe they will change the way we socially interact but what i have found even crazier is how they know where i am... apparently some smart people go huh you know the SSID and MAC address of wireless access points really doesn't change all that much so if a bunch of people drove around everywhere mapping where different ssid are then you wouldn't even need GPS we could calculate your position based on the strength of different access points around your laptop and if we add this technology to cell phones then they can find and map even more access points (by crowd sourcing) for us so we have the ability to locate a phone by GPS, cell tower or by SSID of a nearby access point and constantly update our location on the website. yahoo had this service a little earlier than google i think yahoo used skyhook wireless. Google doesn't say how they did theres but i assume its much of the same stuff so if you want more details on how they do it check this out

its a pretty cool service and if you dont mind people knowing where you are i think i could be a great way to meet up, interact and chill in this awesome new interconnected world...

man technology is scary :)

Carter Cole's LinkedIn Profile

playing around with the linked in embed api they just released a new api today for external sites ot use and ive requested access... i want to make something to mash the twitter api to linkedin connections i think it will be cool to see how many of your connections have twitter, follow you and how many you follow

Thursday, November 5, 2009

tricks and tips for monopoly city streets | embeddable badge and special toolkit

oh noez! i logged in and saw this message today...

the monoply agme is ending :(

so it looks like the game will be ending so use these tools while you can...

original post:

so ive been playing monopoly city streets [read my first post here] and its quite a strange game if you start to do well at all then you are targeted for tons of hazards an it makes it hard to play the game. it feels like they are forcing turnover of streets in the game but i understand its required to keep it moving and growing. but when the game first cam out the was lots of cheating and hacking going on in the game but hasbro has cleaned up alot of it so its pretty cool now but ive always been slow building and navigating the game so... i decided to make some tools for the game. the first thing i did was fire up wireshark and watch all the http traffic for the game then built a proxy fro the json calls and whala my very own dashboard for managing monoply city streets but it was still hard to build and i was having some trouble getting build locations and constructing them so ive turned to the monopoly city streets clan they have this great toolkit that gets injected into the page running the city streets game.
See the demo video below

to use the tools you just need this link you can right click and copy it then paste it in address bar while in game (my preference) or you can do the bookmark thing and add link to your favorites (detailed favorite method explained)

and they have a new database of a bunch of the streets
and im making my own but here is an img badge that you can use...

heres how you generate your own...

and the last thing i want to leave you with is a Pro Tools section of a monoply streets forum

their form manager allows you to query all the json apis of city streets and see the results

ill be releasing my dashboard and embeddable HTML badge soon so keep checking back

Thursday, October 29, 2009

How to verify your Google profile name

I am Carter Cole

Google says so...
My Google Profile

And Check out my cool embed code for Google profiles...

Its pretty easy to get your name verified. just head on over to the name verification page on knol and follow the process

you can use either a Credit Card

or your Social Security Number

and thats it you get your name verified on your Google profile and if you want to embed your Google profile like i did

<script src="[username]&type=2"></script>

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Google Voice | voicemail with your existing number

im going to brag a little here this page doesnt get many views but it has been way cool to have gvoice as my default voicemail but... i wanted to share how cool google is because i also was one of the lucky ones to get the free Google voice business cards

this was the icon you had to sign on at the right time to see and then they sent you the cards...

read the rest of the article if you like it was way easy to set up and it works great!

i was reading the Google Voice Blog post about using Google Voice with your existing number so i thought id make a quick blurb about what it means and how easy it was to do(at least with verizon) Basically it allows you to use your google voice number for your existing numbers voicemail(so its not full gvoice on your cell).

heres the article about how to set it up but

it was really easy to setup it only took 2 steps


first you select your carrier...



then you type it in your phone and it send...

and your done!its that easy. some thing to note... you should make sure your voicemails are all cleared because if you dont then when you try and dial your voicemail(*86 on verizon) it will ring your google voice number and you wont be able to clear the voicmail message from your phone

you may also be interested in my post about the google voice invites i have

Friday, October 23, 2009

i bet this guys science checks out... enter the wormhole

the first is the Flight through a Wormhole

hes got a way cool video going in and out its alot like the wormholes in Eve Online

then he does some cool stuff talking about approaching a blackhole. he seems to take everything into account (comment if someone knows its wrong) but it seems way cool to me id check it out but this diagram

When we are moving around solar masses we could redirect jets of energy and light from all around to be like masters of the universe to see the stars as they look from around the galaxy

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

classic knight rider on #hulu

so ill tell you how it was after i finish it we will see if it lives up to what i remember

Saturday, October 17, 2009

carter cole's websites a list of all my projects

so in case not everyone had gotten the word these are my 2 blogs and website

Alpha Carter This is like the random funny things that didnt make the tech blog or were for something else

Carter Cole's Main Site This is where i used to host most of my contact it has the Carter Tomorrow Fund its for a good cause

then is Carter Cole's main blog about technology and programing

and rememberer there is really only one Carter Cole on Facebook

oh and my linkedIn profile

so thats all the sites i own right now ill be updating this with new sites and information as it becomes available

Friday, October 16, 2009

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia 
has great linkbait and viral marketing content

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Google giving out Voice Invites

so i finally got some of those voice invites those google geeks were mentioning. i currently have 3 invites left comment below to claim one...friends get first dibbs so be quick

i was reading the post here on the Google Voice Blog and we should be seeing invites to people who already have voice accounts (like me) so ill be giving the invite to anyone who comments below (this will prolly happen sooner then wave invites) with priority given to people i know

the google voice invite screen:

so feel free to use the cool google voice gadget below to give me a call if you have any questions...

Why Doesnt Google Maps also do routes inside buildings?

So i was reading this this on the official google blog about building maker but the question i have is can you do this...

I recently saw an article about a company that was going to do "google maps inside buildings" (but it wasnt google so i left the article) but what if you made this building maker do floor plans? now i havent tested it yet but i have used sketch up so im assuming its like an extenton of that ill add more once ive had some time to tinker on the buildings

but wouldn't that be cool? google local center verifys a building is yours now you can upload a floorplan with room names and everything and google will do simple path finding and give you directions inside the building i think its very reasonable project to take on and would allow for even more traffic to google so iono some google engineer should reply and tell me what yall think. is this in the works already?

Monday, October 12, 2009

google wave invites for my friends

edit: Ive got some invites! friends first still but there are 11 left... first come first serve

so there will be a post on my main technology blog about what i learn / figgure out for wave but i finally got my invite! woohoo i have no idea if it had to do with me begging Google for an invite but i need friends to use wave with me (to use it for its whole point collaboration). so if you know me and want an invite please leave some part of your info so i will have it below. i guess if others who want invites give enough of a sob story i will pass deal with that too but friends will receive priority so start the fighting

Edit (Sorry for the false alarm): now i have some!

Google wave invites wont be going to new invitees you should go to the sign up

you would probably be best checking the links i have listed here that has all the invite pages

google wave

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Seth(thats my son)'s new kitten Scarlet

Now if i can just come up with a good lolcats for this picture

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

today barcodes were

In honor of the invention of the barcode today and jumping on the Google bandwagon here is the history of barcodes along with some bar code generators

generator 1

generator 2

generator 3

cursebird stats gadget | put twitter curses on your blog

cursebird is a nice twitter app that does one thing... track people swearing on twitter. By pulling the feeds from popular expletives then we can generate trending stats for all the cursing on twitter. its that easy and because you really want your visitors to know that the word "bloody" is up 10 % i have plans to add some ajax ability to it currently it only loads once

i really haven't cursed that much

oh so i got permission to post the code so just drop this on your page
<script src="">
and it will drop the cursing stats on your page

i added some css classes to the output

the .curse-wrapper is a div that holds the other .curse-word div (1 for each word)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

carter cole is a social media expert lolz

SEOmoz Social Media Marketing

Like my badge? its link bait from SeoMoz but honestly i don't know how it qualifys you as an expert? o well i think it looks cool and it has the favorite icons from a bunch of sites so its gotta be legit :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

hyxwmt9krc verifying technorati


this post was to verify my blog on Technorati but you can vote by blog as one of your favorites with this cool button...

Click and vote for my Blog!

i found this thing on another site to send a vote for your blog out to Technorati favorites
heres how you can get your own for your blog!

my hulu subscriptions

Saturday, October 3, 2009

funny pics

Some of the original Carter Cole | The Book of Carter

Book of Carter I

The original Star Trek series is now on youTube watch out Hulu

So i was looking around and guess what i found zomg you can watch it all online now original star trek series go watch become a geek

Did president obama do a cameo on psych?

the episode of psych "high top fade out" i thought there might be a surprise appearance by preside

Friday, October 2, 2009

Joe Cartoon

Joe Cartoon

reminiscent of my old old web surfing...

chat live with carter cole now!

I use this see it to the right? --> ahaha chat with me im bored